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                Wicker laundry baskets are durable and original style

                Laundry baskets like bins and hampers are a must for a modern interior design. In the Hedgehog Decor web store, we offer to buy fascinating and eco-friendly laundry basket that implements style and comfort at once. In our catalog, we offer hand-crafted natural laundry baskets of various design that will keep your clothes until washing them. Our range of laundry baskets meets the most sophisticated expectations as there are lots of options including corner laundry bins and square baskets, large laundry baskets, or of a compact size. All products by Hedgehog Decor are made of natural wicker, rattan, or straw using traditional technologies and no harmful substances. Decorate your house with the eco-friendly and stylish custom laundry basket. All products are available in stock for an affordable price.

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