About our mission | Wicker work as a family business– Hedgehog Decor website

HedgehogDecor is fully about giving our customers love with every single piece of our homemade accessories. Our family business is based on a friendly attitude, quality of goods, and, of course, understanding what our guests want to see. 

Custom Wicker Products For Your Interior

Our custom wicker products come as a good solution for people, who would like to significantly improve the style of their look and to make their interior better with vibes of natural wicker accessories. 

Here you can find:

  • Wicker laundry basket that will be a nice and comfortable way to carry all your stuff. Natural handmade baskets will come as a great solution for your home. 
  • A wicker rocking chair will be a great way to create a good and comfortable way to improve your personal lounge zone. 
  • And handmade wooden chairs will be a beautiful present either for elder family members or as a present for your parents on Father's Day or Mother's Day. 

These items come as pieces of the perfect rustic style for your interior. And they are fully safe for all the family members because we make them out of eco-friendly materials. 

Eco-Friendly Products For Kitchen

We are focused on giving you great pieces of furniture that can be implemented everywhere. Our eco-friendly products for the kitchen are not only pieces of natural wooden furniture for your home, but real and beautiful accessories that will make your kitchen look better. 

Moreover, such accessories will be great as a present for a housewarming or some special anniversary. Handmade presents always come as something warm and close to everyone who receives it. And these kitchen products are fully safe, because only natural materials are used. 

Wicker Custom Bags And Baskets

Having a wicker bag is always nice. You can find them on our website:

  • Original wicker baskets. Handmade picnic baskets for romantic events are always popular, because they give more aesthetic vibes and will make your Valentine’s Day celebration even warmer. 
  • Eco-friendly wicker bags for daily routine.
  • Wicker bags for kids' purposes. 

Our wicker bags are made with loving care, so they will both highlight the style of your items and will be great for your daily purposes. And what is also important, is their value as decorations.

The variety of bags is astonishing, and with your correct approach, you can use them as nice decorations for Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving Day. It is time to forget about the stereotypes that wicker baskets are only for picnics!

Incredible Handmade Presents

We focus also on giving you as many present solutions, as possible. With our nice and minimalistic accessories, you will find a great present for a Birthday or a present for a New Year celebration. 
Wooden alarm clocks, wicker accessories, and even wooden phone holders will be nice presents that will always remind your friends about you. 

Love To Customers, Love To Aesthetics

We do love our works, and we focus on giving even more interesting designs that will make people smile. Our family business is made with care of all the minor details. 

A combination of love, professional techniques, and natural materials allows us to create something new, give you more interior and exterior solutions, and make more and more people feel these warm vibes.