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Wicker kids trolleys

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        Wicker Trolleys For Kids

        Wicker trolley a dream come true for every young lady. A beautiful and practical toy.
        Carts can also be used as walkers, so that the child learns to walk as early as possible. Wicker carts are in demand by parents who would like to add new colors to their children's lives. And we provide a wide range of different wicker carts for your babies.

        Wicker trolley toy is a nice decision to make your kids happy. Coming as a small toy, a wicker trolley will be a great solution to bribe your kids with more interesting experiences in their play. 

        The volume of this toy is calculated properly to give your children an opportunity to place their favorite doll in it. This is why wicker trolleys for dolls are especially great for raising a small princess. 

        Also, your kids might be just happy with a wicker trolley with bedding. Making their favorite doll feel warm will be a beautiful idea. And multicolored wicker trolleys will also be nice for children who want something brighter. 

        Wicker Trolleys For Decorations

        Wicker trolleys come not only as a beautiful toy for your favorite children, but also can be implemented in the decor of your house as well. These small trolleys are great for the creation of your personal room space. 

        The main advantage of using wicker trolleys for decor is that their design allows people to choose different solutions. They can take a lot of different goods, such as flowers. A combination of handmade wicker trolley with other natural decorations looks great. 

        Custom Wicker Carriages

        Many people want to get an authentic eco-friendly wicker trolley for their collections. For the ones who like to collect dolls, a proper and natural wicker trolley will be a nice decision.

        Custom carriages will be great, because an opportunity to choose the size, volume, and color of it. But what comes as an even more important fact, is that the painting on these trolleys is not only natural, so it will give no harm to the dolls, but also permanent, so the look of your collection will not be ruined through years. 

        Beautiful and original stroller for dolls

        Pastel colored fabrics and elegant quilting make this collection a perfect addition to furnishing children's rooms and a great idea for a gift. All items are sewn from 100% cotton. Wicker dolls cart made of vine, colors:

        • White
        • Pink
        • Natural
        • Green
        • Creamy

        It will give him a lot of fun. When creating each piece, we add great precision and aesthetics of execution, so that every customer will be satisfied with the end result. Our products are painted with certified paints, safe for children, anti-allergenic. Wooden wheels give the stroller an aesthetic value and a unique retro style. All of our products are handmade. for this reason, sizes may vary from 1-3 cm.