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The benefits of kitchen utensils made of wood

6 reasons to buy wooden cookware

When cooking and baking, we need a lot of utensils to make our work easier and better. The traditional and most natural choice is wooden kitchen utensils used by our grandmothers. Wood is one of the oldest materials that humans used to create everyday objects. Among its advantages are antitoxicity, complete safety for human health and extremely high resistance to damage. Kitchen accessories made of wood occupy a major place in many homes and will last for many years. Natural wood will look great in every kitchen, it is great for traditional interiors, rustic style or modern spaces. It's practical and versatile.

Wooden utensils are an ingenious decoration, hung over the stove, placed in a special toolbox or, for example, an enamel jug, will not only always be on hand, but also will perfectly perform a decorative function. A set of wooden utensils can be bought ready-made, but we can also assemble it ourselves according to our needs. It is definitely worth buying different types of spatulas or wooden ladles, which are especially recommended when using enamelware with ceramic or Teflon coating. Delicately trimmed edges of the accessories will not damage or scratch any surface. Wooden spoons, forks, potato pushers, wooden masher, spatulas, or chopping boards will also be indispensable when preparing a variety of dishes.

Wooden kitchen utensils have many advantages. In this article, we present the key ones. The experienced housewife will surely find many other arguments in favor of the "natural choice". Cooking accessories and all other models used in the kitchen and made of wood these days pass the test!

Wood is durable

Wood, unlike plastic, is particularly durable. Concrete examples? Please. Wooden cutting boards wear out very slowly, while their silicone counterparts, albeit uniform and aesthetically pleasing immediately after purchase, quickly lose their original charm as a result of shredding. Or wooden mugs - unlike glass, they will not break after falling to the ground. Wooden kitchen appliances are much more resistant to accidental bumps or falls. Examples like this can be multiplied. Basically, the nobler the wood, the more resistant it is to the passage of time.


The kitchen is more associated with naturalness than other rooms in the house. This is due to the fact that we want to live healthy, in accordance with the rhythm of nature. So we look for the best diets, check the calorific value, as well as the origin and value of the food. Wood harmonizes perfectly with vegetables, fruits and spices. That's why wooden salt containers, cutting boards, spatulas and other kitchen accessories are used more often than paraphernalia made of other artificial materials. If you love nature - make a natural choice.

Their production is natural

The production of wooden products is definitely good for the environment, unlike the mass production of synthetic counterparts. For the same reason, some people buy wooden kitchen plates, salt shakers made from this material, and many other, simply eco-friendly accessories. This is not a key argument, but certainl kitchen wood utensils advantage to keep in mind.

Easy to clean and keep clean

Do you associate wood kitchen products with moisture and faded color? Keep in mind that deterioration in quality and appearance is mostly due to lack of proper maintenance and improper use. Remember: always wash and dry wooden accessories quickly. Before using them for the first time, lubricate them with oil, which naturally preserves the wood. Remove unwanted odor and discoloration by using salt, lemon juice or baking soda and vinegar. As you can see - you don't need any detergents because there are homemade, more effective and healthier ways to extend the life of wooden kitchen utensils.

Wood kitchen accessories are suitable for most kitchens

Regardless of interior design or style, wooden kitchen products are likely to fit in this unique room where style, practice and mood matter. Cooking with heart requires an appropriate environment that ensures wood is as present as possible. Natural accents in practical use? Yes, this is a design masterpiece!

Timeless aesthetics - perfect for collecting

Practical wood kitchen utensils are simply made for collecting along with developing culinary interests. Even if you buy them after a few years, they complement each other perfectly, making your kitchen stylistically complete and perfectly equipped. It also makes a great gift for people of all ages who love to spend time in the kitchen.

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