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Cage carrier for cats. What cat carrier to choose

  • by Pavel Minenko
Cage carrier for cats. What cat carrier to choose

A wicker cat carrier is the best gift for your pet

Cage cat carrier chosen depending on the frequency and duration of transport of the cat. Cage cat carrier should be safe and comfortable for the cat, as well as for you. A cat cage must be comfortable and capacious, so that, if necessary, you could easily put the cat there yourself and transport it to your destination without assistance. Cat carrier cages are sold in pet stores, veterinary drugstores and online stores. Cage cat carrier can buy a variety of shapes, sizes, they are made of different materials. The cost of the carrier for a cat ranges on average from 20 to 200 dollars. The owner of the pet is often faced with the question: what to choose a carrier for the cat?

To choose the right cage carrier for the cat, you need to follow these rules:

  • Сage carrier for cats should have special "viewing holes" - when the cat sees what is happening around, then the anxiety and anxiety is reduced.
  • A cat carrier should have a hard bottom, an animal feels more confident if it has solid ground under its feet.
  • The kennel should not be small, the cat should be comfortable and roomy in it. Ideally the cat carrier should contain a litter box and bowls for food and water.
  • A cat carrier must have good, strong cat locks, so that the fluffy cat can't escape.
  • Cage carrier for cats should be chosen according to the size of an adult animal. If you have a kitten, then buy a carrier "to grow". If you have two non-conflict cats you can buy a cage carrier for two cats or a large carrier with separation for two animals.

What are some cat carrier cages?

Cat carrier bags made of fabric

The convenience of a cat carrier bag is that the cat carrier bag is lightweight, with two pairs of handles that allow you to carry the animals in the bag both in your hands and over your shoulder.
Bag carrier for the cat easy to store and when folded takes up little space. Usually, carrier bags are used to transport the cat to exhibitions and for walks.
The disadvantage of a cat carrier bag is the lack of a sturdy frame, and the cat feels unprotected when carrying it. Also a cloth carrier bag can get wet when carrying small kittens, sick, nervous and elderly cats in it.

Wicker Cat Carrier Baskets

Cat carrying baskets are more durable than cloth bags. And the hard walls of the basket will make the cat feel secure and become more relaxed during transport.
The cat carrying basket should have a tight-fitting lid with secure locks.
Wicker cat carrier baskets are very light and made of natural material, but they have several significant disadvantages: they are not airtight, they easily absorb liquids and unpleasant odors, and wicker baskets cannot be washed. These disadvantages do not exist in plastic cat carrying baskets.

Plastic Cat Cage Carriers

These are containers specially made of high quality plastic. They are hygienic because they are washable and durable. A cat carrier cage should have a metal door and a secure lock.
Plastic cat carrier cages are convenient for transporting the pet in the car, but they are bulky and uncomfortable when transporting cats "on their own."
Experienced cat owners usually have several carriers: for club visits, to the vet, to the show, for car rides and for walks. After all, your cat may not like even the sturdiest and most comfortable cat carrier cage! So look for and try the best and most reliable for your beloved pets!

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