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Wicker Laundry Baskets - Advantages, Variety Of Models

Wicker Laundry Baskets - Advantages, Variety Of Models

Wicker laundry baskets are ideal for storing dirty laundry

Bathroom - one of the special corners of your home or apartment, on the comfort and properly chosen interior, which depends on the overall comfortable atmosphere and mood of the family members. One of the important and very useful elements of the bathroom is a basket, which is designed for storage of dirty laundry, waiting for their turn for washing. There are a variety of options for such accessories, which differ in size, shape, design, color and material. Among them a special place belongs to wicker laundry baskets - very original, practical and functional. Such laundry baskets can perfectly complement the interior and become a good decoration of your bathroom. Wicker baskets with a lid for dirty laundry, tastefully selected, will successfully complement the furniture and furnishings of different styles - from rustic, nautical and classical to fashionable modern.

Wicker laundry baskets - advantages:

  • The wicker surface of baskets provides air access, eliminating the formation of mold and unpleasant odor of stored laundry.
  • An important advantage of wicker laundry baskets is also considered to be their optimal strength and lightness, which makes them easy to move and carry as needed.
  • Wicker can be made of both natural and artificial materials of high quality.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • The possibility of individual ordering of custom sizes

Wicker baskets for laundry differ:

  • by shape - square, rectangular, round, oval, non-standard options;
  • by construction - stationary, folding;
  • by material - bamboo, vine, straw, rattan, rope;
  • according to availability of cover - open, with hinged cover, with independent cover;
  • according to the frame - without frame, with wooden frame, with metal frame;
  • by place of installation - floor, shelving.

Wicker baskets made of natural materials

One of the main and important advantages that any laundry basket made of wicker natural materials has for a modern person is its ecological safety - absence of harmful and toxic fumes in different conditions of humidity and temperature. In addition, such products are easily cleaned by the simplest methods using conventional detergents. To improve conditions of hygiene and convenience in use - laundry baskets are equipped with special fabric bags that are removable, easily washed when dirty. Many housewives prefer to use a set of baskets of the same models and colors, but different in size - for different purposes.
Wicker laundry baskets made of natural materials can be square, oval, corner laundry baskets as well as made to order. Choose the best laundry baskets for your home you can in the internet store HedgehogDecor

Plastic wicker laundry baskets

Plastic wicker laundry basketPlastic wicker laundry basket will certainly please you with its durability, longevity. Square and rectangular wicker laundry baskets made of reliable and durable, modern materials come in a variety of colors, which makes it possible to choose options for any interior.  Laundry basket of white wicker, beige is especially popular among customers. Models in these colors are presented by the Italian manufacturer Andrea House.

Among the novelties are inexpensive laundry baskets made of plastic with elegant weaving, represented by the brand Handy Nome. Among their advantages are high strength, easy care, hygienic and long life. Models are available in four colors: white, black, brown and blue.

Wicker laundry basket made of artificial leather

The wicker laundry basket made of artificial leather will be an adornment of your bathroom, will amaze you with its exquisite and rich appearance. Interesting models of eco-leather are produced by the company Koh-i-noor in white, black and brown colors. And, of course, those who appreciate quality, comfort and practicality will not be indifferent to the excellent design of this Italian company - laundry basket made of eco leather with a seat. Such models are available in two sizes, have a removable bag.

The original wicker laundry baskets

White wicker laundry basket

Wicker baskets with animals. Among the proposals of modern manufacturers, there are also original laundry baskets, woven from Wicker laundry basketsnatural materials. The brands Creative Ware Home and Natural House offer cute wicker laundry baskets with different animals. Such original models are suitable not only for storing dirty laundry, but also for keeping toys in the nursery. Kits offered by Creative Ware Home users include wicker baskets of different sizes and shapes, with and without lids. Buying such a set, you can provide order in the nursery or bathroom, rationally placing toys and necessary items. Also such baskets used to store toys will interest the child and turn the cleaning of the nursery into an interesting activity

Cabinet with wicker baskets

The problem of storing various items, dirty laundry and other things can be solved by no less original development of the company Natural House - a cabinet with wicker baskets and drawers. The cabinet is made of MDF, and baskets themselves are made of willow. Many users praised the convenience and practicality of such bollards, noting that with their purchase there is much more order in the house.

Deciding to buy a basket for laundry or toys, be sure to consider buying wicker models. Among the proposed range, you can choose a wicker laundry basket made of natural materials or artificial, which will suit you, fit into the interior and provide the proper conditions for the storage of linen, toys, other items.


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